Sunday, May 17, 2015

goodwill haul #1: may 2015

yesterday was a beautiful day. i went to my first goodwill (though admittedly i've been buying stuff of their website for ages) and i fell in hearteyesemoji.jpg. i bought a lot of crap i don't need and a lot of stuff i convinced myself i needed and then one thing i did need (a place to store all my negatives since my old storage was too small). apart from what's pictured in this post, i bought a photo album, a shirt for my dad, and a two-photo opening frame.

basket, 99¢; to do list and pen, 99¢

mug, 99¢; large pink storage container, $2.99

pink lava lamp, $4.00

orange lava lamp (pictured here with the pink lava lamp base while the bulb
for the actual base is making its way in the mail), $4.99

tie-dye shirt for the summer, $2.99

so about the pink lava lamp. i was tempted to buy the top part lamp just because i loved how it looked.

the base was in the electronics section and i found the actual liquid-filled "lamp" in pink color wares section of the store. when i saw the base, i was actually looking for a purple lava lamp whose empty box was cast aside. as it turned out, the base wouldn't have fit the actual lamp anyway (the orange one just barely sits on it and doesn't actually fit inside). luckily, because i have i genius IQ of 42394873984 i was able to put 2 and 2 together and realize that i now had a beautiful pink lava lamp in my disgusting, evil clutches. it's been love ever since.

what was your last great thrift shop find/favorite find ever? what's your favorite thrift shop? do you struggle with keeping that godforsaken macklemore song out of your head? hmu with all your thoughtz and onions in the comments!

the world through rose-colored glasses

bloomfest 2015

for some reason this spring has seen me become color-obsessed. last spring going into this year i was leaning more towards neutrals and monochromatic images but there's a shift. i feel more attuned to the way colors work together and against each other. i feel more drawn to them and it's helped me in my photography to figure out which direction i want to take. right now the color i'm obsessed with most is pink, pale and pastel pinks to be specific. i'm not a big pink person in general and i usually hate the color but the softer tones have had me heart-eyes emoji as hell this month and a half. from bloomfest to my trip to goodwill yesterday (will make a separate post for these) i've just been inexplicably drawn to the color. i've also been especially inspired by one of my favorite photographers, petra collins. peep a post of my favorite photos of hers in a future post. for now, enjoy this pale pix of my life from the past month.

duo pens, pocket retro notebook, mint green journal, vermillion pen, and i'm green light notebook from

my new workstation and new film scanner!

polaroid spectra se from


the best thing in the universe feat. the worst place in the universe

hey buds! it's been oh, 5 centuries. i said i'd be back when i'm inspired and i'm back! i won't make any promises for what i'll post or when but i'll be checking in when the inspiration strikes.