Saturday, November 22, 2014

It's been a while

I promise when the inspiration strikes, I'll be back. Until then wave your hands side to side throw it in the air.

Monday, September 29, 2014


Film Photography Podcast #84 by Michael Raso

My favorite thing from my second and final year of college has made a sudden resurgence in my life: podcasts. My favorite podcasts are interview-based podcasts and save for Welcome To Nightvale (SPOIL NOTHING ABOUT THIS I HAVEN'T LISTENED TO ANYTHING PAST THE FIRST EPISODE), it is all I listen to. Sophomore year of college was spent mostly combing through the two comedy/comedian based podcasts WTF with Marc Maron and especially You Made It Weird with Pete Homes. Stand-up comedy is a huge part of my life and finding this little bit of comedians beyond the stage talking to other comedians -insert polite nod to Jerry Seinfeld's video series-. I came across this during a post-seeing Bo Burnham at Rutgers high and decided I wanted to know about this young comedian who is a part of my generation and whose material kind of reflects that in a self-deprecating, absurdist (occasionally problematic, sigh) way. He did an episode with each of these podcasts and I will admit, his episode with Pete Holmes is one my favorite things of all time and whether you care about comedy or Bo Burnham or Pete Holmes I think you should check it out just because of their interesting, though flawed, commentary on women/femininity/masculinity and comedy. (MAJOR WARNING: straight dude using the f-slur and wow goodbye tbh)

Anyway after a while I just kinda lost touch with listening to these interviews and stuff HOWEVER, I came across Tavi Gevinson's episode for the Nerdette Podcast and it reignited my love for listening to people talk about things pertinent not only to their career's or claim to fame/relevance but their interests. (Nerdette is especially rad for this, they actually sample the stuff they and their guests talk about and it's the bomb dot com). In Tavi's episode she mentions this one podcast called Longform which interviews non-fiction writers so I went and decided to check it out. Not only was Tavi's own episode incredibly insightful and thoughful, both from her and from the host, but honestly all of the episodes, whether who the host(s) are talking to is someone you know or if they're work is interesting or relevant to you, they speak about it in such an engaging way that an information sponge like me (I spent my entire morning reading up on and researching the Alexis Jay report stuff going in the UK) can get sucked in and suddenly become really interested, if only briefly, about the content relevant to the writer they're speaking about the weirdness of growing up and being profiled in the New Yorker or writing about the highly violent sports, specifically football, culture in colleges in America (Rolf Potts). 

I highly recommend giving interview format podcasts a shot and trying to find a podcast that suits your interests because, like TedX Talks, there's nothing more fascinating than hearing people talk about their interests and passions. Which is hey why I am so obsessed with the blogging community and doing this here thing to begin with.

SO TO END THIS, talk to me about your favorite podcasts or episodes and anything you used to be hella into, lost interest in, that is make a full force take-over of your life again.

Saturday, September 20, 2014