Saturday, August 30, 2014

Yikes! (And hey, the Journal List of the Week!)

My sister for We As Ghosts
It seems like I've effectively kinda abandoned this/fallen WAY behind. So I'm obviously going to put a stop to putting out individual August birthday articles and, sometime at the start of September, do a masterpost of the birthdays I meant to do but didn't because well, life gets hectic sometimes. I'll also do a masterpost catching up on 3 Neons, which I intend to continue doing on a hopefully more regular basis in the future.

Beyond this, here are some great articles and new stuff you can expect on PB before the year is out:
  1. Profiles and articles on River Phoenix, Tierney Gearon, Willy Ronis, Selena, and Alfonso Cuaron
  2. MBFW round-up
  3. More inclusion of my own photographic work as I'm too lazy/kinda don't want to make a separate blog for it
  4. Photo inspiration mood boards because I've really wanted to start cataloguing and sharing these types of things
  5. Random soundbites of my life to give this a slightly less distant touch and because sometimes I invest in or do really interesting stuff and I feel like instagram doesn't do justice in sharing it how I want to share it
Which brings me to the Jounal List of the week (it's finally dawned on me that the play on words I previously used for this feature was actually terrible and a touch too embarrassing). We're approaching the end of August (oh hey~ yours truly's birthday is tomorrow at the very butt of the month) and with it the end of Summer and -weeps- Daylight Saving's Time. For most of us, it's the start of something new or the return to something we've been away from. This week's list is things you hope to get done before the year is out. There's still time yet to right whatever was made wrong in 2014 and to do work on yourself and your future.

Stay chill y'all

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

3 Neons: New York Pizza

by Heather McCutcheon, via 
Last Wednesday's Neon comes to us, again, from The Teenage Head as will Friday's. This neon in particular was interesting not simply for it's commonplaceness, but because of it's purpose in the photographer's set as a whole.

Artist's statement:
"I’d heard of flashing lights and sirens rising to cacophony, a million stories built up into the sky. I thought New York would be overwhelming, but what I found was beautiful. I found silence. I saw the city sleep in its season of hibernation, the aged concrete turned innocent by the snow. I found intimacy in the humdrum and friendship in the faceless crowd. I thought New York would roar, but I heard it hum in inertia and somewhere I left my heart to find it again someday, hopefully."

Happy Belated Birthday Willy Ronis!

Self-portrait in his father's office, 1947 (via)
Willy Ronis was a French photographer whose work mainly focussed subjects in WWII and post-war France, notably in Paris. His parents were refugees who were able to escape the pogroms. His subjects consisted in equal parts of lovers, the everyday lives of Parisians, and important political happenings on the streets of Paris. He was the first French photographer hired for Life magazine and when you consider the expository, objective work that goes into the famed publication, it's easy to see why they didn't pass up on the chance to have Willy Ronis on their team. He passed away in 2009 at the age of 99, however he retired from photographer in 2001 because he could not longer walk around while carrying his camera. However, he has left behind an incredible career and oeuvre for art historians/appreciators, photographers, and general observers to appreciate and study for decades to come.